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Myles Chippendale



07/06/2001 18:07


>does anybody have experience with PalmOS devices? I'm thinking about getting
>it and would like to know if it will be usefull.
I have a Palm IIIx - 4Mb of memory which is only 1/2 full after a
year. I use it mainly for the diary and phone book. I have bought
a utility which allows me to sync my Palm phone book with my mobile
phone (Siemens S25) via IR - very useful. I can also use my phone as
a modem (again via IR) so I can download my email, telnet and surf
the web - but I don't much 'cos I'm not away from my desktop much
and 9600bps is crap after using anything higher. But you can get a
add-on modem to plug into a standard phone-line at about 28Kbps.
I haven't programmed mine, but you can get a PalmOS dev kit and can
put a JVM on it, so if you need programming power on the move, it
could be worth a look, although some of the Windows CE stuff might
fit your purposes better, if that's your interest.
All in all, I'd pay 200 again just for the address book and diary
with syncing to my phone.

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